Sparked Bluetooth wireless earphones SP2

High Quality Components

AWESOME sounding HD-Stereo wireless earphones via CSR Chipset, with noise cancellation to reduce outside noise.

 Sparked Bluetooth wireless earphones SP2

Great Functionality

Super Comfortable lightweight design.

 Sparked Bluetooth wireless earphones SP2

Carry case

Ultra durable carry case to protect your device

 Sparked Bluetooth wireless earphones SP2

Perfect Fit

Interchangeable ear buds for the Perfect Fit.

Hit the track

Hit the track to your favorite beats with the Sparked Wireless earphones. No more cables in the way. Connect via Bluetooth and you can beat your best.

Sparked Wireles earphones FAQ

How do I pair the Sparked wireless earphones with my phone?

1. With the headset turned off, Long press the MFB button (about 6 seconds), until the headset indicator appears as a flashing red and blue led. The device has entered into ‘Pairing’ mode. The headset can now be found by another Bluetooth enabled device.
2. Turn on the mobile phone’s Bluetooth, click search wireless headset, until the mobile displays “Sparked SP2”
3. Select Sparked SP2 to connect. After connection is successful the headset’s blue light will flash.
4. Password: If your mobile phone needs a password please use 0000.

How do I charge my Sparked wireless earphones?

Use the provided micro USB cable with any USB power source.

How do I clear the pairing list?

While Charging, hold down the MFB for about 3 seconds till the red and blue Led lights flash three times.

Is the device waterproof?

They are sweat and splash proof. However, do not try to submerse them in water or take a shower with them.

Does it carry a warranty?

Every Sparked SP2 has undergone rigorous testing before being shipped out form our factory. Should you have any problems with this product we will replace it free of charge for up to one year from the date of purchase. You will only need to pay the shipping charges.

Your gym companion

Anywhere anytime anyplace. In the gym, on the plane, in the office. Sparked bluetooth headphones is durable and versatile. Suitable for use in extreme conditions.

Connect to multiple devices wirelessly

You can pair these headphones to more than one device. So if you feel like taking the ipod rather than your phone, there won’t be the hassle of clearing the pairing of one device before pairing to another device. Clearing your paired list of devices are also easy to do. Just power it on, and double press the center button and voila, your earphones are ready to accept new connections to that phone you got with those banging beats on.

HD-stereo sound

The latest Bluetooth technology is packed into these headphones. It introduces high definition stereo sound in a wire free package. The Sparked Bluetooth Headphones uses Bluetooth 4.1.

Easy charging

You can charge up your headphones by plugging in the included usb cable to any usb power source. 

  • 7 – 8 Hours Battery Life on one charge
  • 2 Hours charging time.
  • 100 mAh battery

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