Mobile Application Development

mobile application development

Have a presence in your client's daily life

According to multiple studies, people check their phone over a 110 times a day. A user has to unlock, scroll and scan for the apps they are looking for. Subconsciously even if your potential or existing client does not access your app, your logo is still popping up on their display making you part of their daily life. Mobile application development can get your business in front of your client on a daily basis.

Direct Marketing

Apps can have a wide variety of functions. They can give your client information on products, prices, live feeds, social interaction and much more. One of the biggest advantages of your business having a mobile app, is that you can market to your clients directly. You are in control of who sees what, how they see it and when. You have a direct marketing channel to your client to remind them about your products and services whenever it makes sense!
mobile application development
mobile application development

Provide Value to your customers

It’s important that a mobile application adds value to your client. What tools or information do they need at their fingertips and how is that connected to you. Helping your client make decisions with the right information at the right time is extremely valuable. There is a lot that mobile application development can do for you and your client! How about loyalty programs managed in your app. Requesting orders from your app. There is so much value that can be added to your customer when you let them interact with your business via a mobile application.

Customer Engagement

It doesn’t matter what business you have. Your customers need a way to reach you. How about a direct communication channel with your client within your app. How you interact with your client or customer can have a huge impact on your relationship with them. Do you have a restaurant? Have your client book a table directly from the mobile application! The possibilities are endless with custom mobile application development and Dankospark.
mobile application development
mobile application development

The sincere connection

Customer loyalty. There is so much noise out there these days, facebook ads, billboards, newspaper ads, flyers and email marketing. The impact of our advertising efforts are becoming less and less. With some mobile application development you can bring back that sincere connection. Nothing beats face to face interaction with your client, but being just a fingertip away from each other comes in at a close second.

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